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The NewForce Model

Proudly building America's innovation workforce in the heart of Appalachia
with the toughest, most industrious talent pool in the nation

Companies that rely on technology to do business face a major challenge that can make or break their success: the ability to consistently access a well-trained, dedicated, and affordable workforce.

Beyond that fundamental challenge there are other obstacles. NewForce seeks to develop enterprise ready programming skills in its cohorts of talented, committed individuals. Equally important to meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced work environment, the NewForce curriculum includes the development of critical thinking skills and the team-based experiences necessary to compete in today's fast-paced work environment. Unfilled positions and unprepared employees cost companies resources and revenue through in-house training and frequent turnover.

NewForce is a competitive 6-month training program working to solve this employment gap by creating qualified candidates and connecting them with innovative companies.

Utilizing proven technical curriculum, NewForce equips students with both the training in front-end development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and server-side development (C#/.NET) and with the critical thinking skills and team-based experience needed to be immediately valuable to employers. The program is tuition-free and the curriculum is informed by employer partners, further tailoring the skills of program participants to the unique needs of participating companies.

At the end of each cohort, NewForce hosts Demo Day to celebrate the accomplishments gained throughout the six-months. Students demonstrate their solo capstone projects. Employer and community partners meet students individually, explore projects, examine code, and take home resumes. In light of COVID-19, Demo Day will be held virtually.

NewForce Graduates possess

Technical Knowledge

Comprehensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and deep knowledge of the C#/.NET software stack, among other programming languages


Graduates have learned HOW to learn so they can pick up additional coding languages in a matter of weeks

Skills and Experience

Critical thinking skills, agile team experience, design thinking skills, life skills and workplace knowledge


Graduates can hit the ground running as contributing members of your team

Technical Talent Pipeline

NewForce builds West Virginia's innovation workforce by training employees and connecting them with innovative employers.

Graduates are qualified to work as junior, full-stack software or web developers and fill positions including:

  • Software developer
  • Web developer
  • Mobile application developer

Time-Tested Curriculum

NewForce bases its training content on the time-tested model developed by our software curriculum partner, Nashville Software School.

Program Partners

NewForce is made possible by partnerships with employers, community colleges, and nonprofits to ensure West Virginians have the right tech skills for companies who are ready to hire in the Mountain State.


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    Invest in the Future of West Virginia. Unlike traditional staffing fees, your donation for each NewForce graduate that you hire supports scholarships for future students to attend tuition-free.

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