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Jordan Castelloe, Program Director

Before I discovered programming, I managed a family-owned store in Asheville, NC. I started teaching myself to code because the store's database management system couldn't give me the numbers I needed, so I jerry-rigged it with custom scripts. It was a slippery slope: before long, I was having a lot more fun building hacking software for the business than I was managing it. I attended Nashville Software School for full-stack web development and stayed on as a teaching assistant after I graduated. I love working in a field where there's always something new to learn. I'm excited to help NewForce students embrace the learning curve and take their first steps into the new frontier of the tech industry.

Tommy Spurlock, Lead Instructor

What really sparked my interest in becoming a developer is the opportunity to create content for others to use and enjoy. My first experience with development was trying to teach myself html for fun. I chose to be a developer because I enjoy creating new content. I get excited learning new things and being able to implement them in a project.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks, Junior Instructor

After working with The Walt Disney Company for over a decade to improve customer and employee experiences, I decided that I wanted to dig deeper into the data behind-the-scenes. This led me to NewForce, where I had the privilege of being a student in Cohort 3. I’ve always loved sprinkling a little magic to transform mundane processes into something better, and, through coding, I’m able to do that even more. As Junior Instructor, I’m excited to help other West Virginians develop the skills they need to pursue careers in the tech industry and make their own dreams a reality.

Courtney Susman, NewForce Coordinator

Having spent the bulk of my career in theatre education, I learned a few things: every person is individually extraordinary, bravery comes in all forms, and I am most satisfied when I’m helping people find their strongest self. Here at NewForce, I am dedicated to helping students develop their interpersonal skills to not only further their careers in technology but also make their experiences in the program as fully transformative and positive as possible.

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NewForce uses proven curriculum developed in partnership with Nashville Software School

The C# language and the .NET framework are the centerpieces of Microsoft’s technology stack for application development. When combined with other Microsoft technologies or open source technologies developers have the ability to build a wide variety of applications from web applications to server-side web services to enterprise-scale transaction processing systems using this technology stack.

Front-end Development Foundations

Months 1-3

Front-end Development Foundations

Months 4-6

HTML5 and CSS3

Learn how to structure webpages using semantic markup in HTML5 and then style those pages using CSS3.


Learn the basics of programming & JavaScript – the world’s most widely used programming language. Use JavaScript to extend your static HTML & CSS and create dynamic user experiences.


Learn to write C# (pronounced “C sharp”), an object-oriented programming language designed for building applications that run on the .NET Framework.


Master building applications using Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC framework.

AJAX, jQuery, JSON & More

Learn to use JavaScript libraries and more advanced techniques to build applications and more complex single-page web apps.


Learn the leading front-end framework and build amazing single-page applications.

Visual Studio

Learn Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE). You’ll learn how to take advantage of Visual Studio’s power to become a productive C# Developer.

SQL Databases

Use the industry-standard SQL language to store and access data from relational databases.

Responsive Design

Build websites for any device with mobile-first strategies.

Command Line & More

Work faster. Use the terminal without fear. Learn shortcuts, how to use your editor like a ninja, and other developer tools to create a professional, streamlined environment.

Source Code Control

Learn how to use Git to safely manage and track changes in your code. Learn how to use GitHub to collaborate with other developers on your team or around the world.

Collaborative Development

Gain experience working in teams, so you’re ready to work on one when you graduate.

Collaborative Development

Gain experience working in teams, so you’re ready to work on one when you graduate.

Source Code Control

Learn how to use Git to safely manage and track changes in your code. Learn how to use Github to collaborate with other developers on our team or around the world.

APIs and Services

Learn how to expose data using a RESTful API, as well as how to access data via third-party services to make your applications more dynamic.


Leave NewForce with a completed C# .NET MVC capstone project that demonstrates your abilities.

Seriously consider NewForce if you...

✔︎ are a problem-solver
✔︎ can work through challenges and don’t give up easily
✔︎ are curious, creative, and love learning new skills
✔︎ can work under pressure and take constructive feedback
✔︎ can work well on a team and like helping others succeed
✔︎ teach yourself new skills and like to learn
✔︎ have coding experience but want to have what it takes to get hired at a tech company
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